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A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Indian Real Estate

Investing is a tool for building wealth, same is for real estate, As owing to the economic growth in the Indian realty market, investors from all across the world are showing great interest in real estate investment in India.Majority of the investors are Businessman & NRIs, who simply want to invest their hard-earned money in Indian real estate property, for future use. However, most of them want to know regarding how to start investing, where to invest and other allied matters.

Hence, here’s a complete beginner’s guide that will help you invest in the right property in India –

  • Types Of Real Estate Properties In India

If you are new to real estate investment in India, you must first of all get acquainted with the type of properties that yield the maximum returns on investment. This will ensure that your invested money is instantly put to work and continues to increase in future. So, have a look at the following property types, before you get started –

a) Commercial Real Estate
Commercial properties can be anything that is specifically built to produce income, for example educational institutions, shopping centres, hotels, offices etc. A major benefit of investing in such properties is higher returns on investment, multiple financing options and increasing appreciation with time.

b) Residential Real Estate
Residential properties such as condominiums, vacation homes, co-ops, apartments and condotels are the biggest trend these days. People across the nation are increasingly investing in these properties as they offer a steady income, tax benefits, long term financial security and real estate appreciation.

c) Industrial Real Estate
The industrial realty property is slightly different from the commercial one, as these include manufacturing buildings, warehouses and other allied properties. Hence, if you are looking for a property that can be used for production, storage, research and distribution of goods, you must definitely invest in industrial property.

d) Land
Last but not the least, investing in vacant land, ranches or working farms is the perfect option to choose. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose from the subcategories of this property, which include early development, undeveloped, subdivision, reuse and site assembly.

  • Top Locations

Now when you have a clear idea about the type of property you should choose, it is important to note that which are the most demanded and hottest locations for realty investment in India. So, here are some locations to keep in mind –

  1. Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR)
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Delhi NCR
  4. Pune
  5. Bangalore

Investing at a location, which is currently emerging as a residential hub, is much more profitable than investing at a location that is already in its developed stage. For example, investing in the property in Ghaziabad is a great way to invest a feasible amount, and get higher returns for a long period of time.

  • Points To Consider

Since you may not have any prior real estate experience in India, it is highly essential to keep few points in mind –

  1. Market Research: Before finalizing on any property, make sure you self-research the market, property rates and property value. This increases the chances of investing in the right high-yielding property.
  2. Beware Of Scammers: Do check the papers of the property, so that you do not fall into the trap of any scam or illegal activity. If you want the best results, do look for RERA certified property.
  3. Property Analysis: As mentioned above, check market rates, so that you do not pay any unfair higher amount. Apart from this, also check the potential of the property, i.e. how much it could yield in the future.
  4. Residents’ Feedback: When you reach a locality, try talking to the residents, so that you could get an idea of the surroundings, property market, property rental rates, nearby locations, upcoming projects by the government etc.
  • Housing Projects

It is completely your call on what type of property you want to invest in. However, if you go as per market reports, investing in the flats available under recognized housing projects is the right choice. To begin with, you can make a list of top projects or builders in a specific region. For instance, if you choose Ghaziabad, LandCraft can serve you with the right housing solutions.
In simple words, India is a booming economy that offers some of the most lucrative investment options, when it comes to real estate. So, if you are up for real estate investment in India for the very first time, do keep this guide in mind.

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