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Best Place To Invest In Indian Property 2019

2019 has traveled half its way and reports have already shown a huge increase in sales and demand for both residential and commercial properties in India. With GST, RERA, tax benefits and affordable housing schemes, it doesn’t come as a surprise as to why property investment has been soaring high on the growth charts.

So, if you are a potential home buyer or wish to invest in a property in India, stay alert..!! its time to invest your hard-earned money in lucrative destinations as mentioned below –

1. Mumbai
Undoubtedly, Mumbai is the wealthiest city in India. Consisting of both higher and lower middle class people, the demand for real estate in this city is considerably higher than that in other regions of Maharashtra.

2. Bangalore
Known as the second most expensive city, Bangalore is a tech hub in India, which attracts students, families and other individuals from all across the nation. In comparison to the last year, there has been a huge increase in sales and new project launches.

3. Delhi
Just like Mumbai and Bangalore, a huge flock of masses look for property in Delhi, so that they could easily search for job, study and other such opportunities. Although there has been an increase in sales, but there has been no significant increase in the property rates.

4. NCR
At present, the demand for flats in Delhi NCR is completely unmatched. The very fact that NCR offers easy access to some of the most lucrative property destinations, is attracting investors from both local regions and other states of the country.

5. Hyderabad
Last but certainly not the least; Hyderabad is one of the best places that have scored the highest increase in price year-on-year. Hence, it is the ideal location for investors, who are backed with a good amount of money to invest in real estate.

Options To Watch Out For

While you invest in the property in Ghaziabad, Delhi, Mumbai etc., you must look out for profitable real estate options, such as the ones mentioned below –

  • Co-working space
  • Co-living space
  • Student housing
  • Warehousing investment

Apart from just residential and commercial spaces, you must plan to invest in these options, which commit to deliver the highest returns on investment. As the living style, standards and desires are continually evolving, you, as a real estate agent, has enormous options to invest in different types of property. So, make the most of the ‘market rise’ in 2019!!

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