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Key Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate

Key Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate

To some extent – no matter more or less – all of us know the benefits of investing in real estate. But, not most of us actually ‘understand’ those benefits. Within the past few decades, real estate has evolved as the most beneficial investment option, and Ghaziabad is one of …

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NH 24 widening 14-Lane Expressway Till Dasna in Full Swing – NHAI


The National Highway Authority of India is in its full swing for the completion of Nh24 widening project as soon as possible. The project was divided into different phases – (Nizamuddin Bridge – Delhi-UP border; Delhi-UP Border – Dasna; Dasna – Hapur; Dasna – Meerut), and after the completion of …

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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Flats

GolfLinks Phase 2

We often bargain a lot while purchasing low cost items at roadside stalls, like clothes, accessories etc. But, have you ever seen a man bargain at a mall, or while making a big ticket purchase, such a house. No, Right? This is the major problem with the property buyers in …

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Facts About LandCraft GolfLinks Township You Need to Know Before Buying Property!

LandCraft GolfLinks Township gate 1

Belonging to the middle class society, we all look for options that align perfectly with our budget constraints as well as with our aspirations regarding quality of life, work life balance and luxury. Similar is the case with real estate. Potential home buyers across Delhi NCR regions look for attractive …

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Tips for Home Buyers to Choose a Real Estate Agent

LandCraft GolfLinks Apartments

Real estate investment is the most lucrative option for every prospective home buyer. This is the reason why the trend of buying and selling of properties is quite ‘in’ these days. However, the task is very strenuous and can consume much of your time and efforts. Thus, it is always …

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Property Advice – Buy or Sell property in Ghaziabad Currently?


Within a short span of time, Ghaziabad has transformed into a hot shot location in the entire NCR region. This is the major reason why potential home seekers are increasingly interested in purchasing a lucrative property in Ghaziabad. Although, there exists, a never-ending argument on whether to buy sell property …

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One Stop Solution for All Types of Property Need in Ghaziabad – GolfLinks


Every home buyer is different, with different needs and requirements. However, due to one reason or the other, middle class people often suppress their desires (related to an ideal home) and compromise with whatever option they get. The major factor behind this is property rates. Broadly speaking, there are multiple …

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On The Expressway to Complete Lifestyle Township – GolfLinks

LandCraft GolfLinks Inside society View

Quality living is what every modern man aspires for. Hence, as per the market trend, prospective home buyers in Delhi NCR region are found to be more inclined towards township projects than individual homes at an isolated location. At one hand, where individual homes give you a feeling of what …

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Hindon Elevated Road Will Boost Real Estate in Raj Nagar Extension Ghaziabad – Credai


Ghaziabad is, and has always been one of the top locations in NCR. Thus, the investment in the city’s micro markets was never at a declining level. Slowly with time, new markets came to the front, out of which, Raj Nagar Extension added an entirely new horizon to the real …

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