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Connectivity To The Interior Regions Of Ghaziabad Will Boost Property Market

After a long waiting period, metro has finally arrived in Ghaziabad, connecting different interior regions of the city to Delhi and other major cities in NCR. Market reports state that the Red metro line extension from dilshad garden to shaheed sthal will not just improve connectivity, but also boost Ghaziabad property market.
The first metro link in Ghaziabad will pass through Shaheed Nagar, Raj Bagh, Rajendra Nagar, Shyam Park, Mohan Nagar, Arthala, Hindon River and New Bus Adda, and is expected to boost the property market in all these connected localities. With this, the demand for property in Ghaziabad is not just restricted to Ghaziabad or NCR, but the entire nation. This implies that people (majorly the ones who want to invest in real estate property) from different corners of the country are eyeing upon Ghaziabad property market and are actively checking out different options available.

Here are some of the major aspects of the connectivity benefit or impact on the city’s realty market.

1. Major Center Of Attraction For Home Buyers

Ghaziabad has always been the major center of attraction for home buyers, and with the advent of metro in interior locations, the attraction factor has multiplied further. Having known the fact that one could easily travel to Delhi (and other major cities), the buyers in/near Ghaziabad are showing great level of participation in property investment.

2. Better And Cleaner Surroundings

If you have closely observed the stretch between new bus adda and dilshad garden – before and after the advent of metro – you will find that the entire stretch has completely revamped into a better and cleaner place to live in. Unlike the past, the localities alongside the metro stations are much better options for living or investment.

3. Rise In Property Value

Market gurus believe that there would be an incredible increase in the value of property through the improved connectivity. Hence, this is the perfect time for investors to invest in flats in Raj nagar extension and other nearby localities. Broadly speaking, Raj Nagar Extension is one of the finest locations to invest in, due to metro connectivity, connectivity through Hindon elevated road, pocket friendly housing solutions, quality living amenities and others.

To put it simple, metro connectivity to the interior locations of Ghaziabad is a boon to the property investors and home buyers. Further, it is also found that not just the eight localities (connected through metro) would benefit, but also nearby localities. Hence, even if you wish to invest in the flats in NH24 Ghaziabad or any nearby region, the benefits would certainly all in your kitty.

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