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Feng Shui Tips to Use Horse Symbol At Home

In classical feng shui applications, the portrait of the horse brings the energy of freedom, success, fame and speed. Other feature horses represent forward motion, loyalty, prosperity, growth and stamina. Furthermore, all the horses are linked with the feng shui element of fire as well as strong yang energy. Keeping this in mind, the entire 2 BHK Apartment in Ghaziabad are situated in perfect directions.

The particular picture of horses also has symbolic importance:

  • A single horse or many can help you gain focus and guide you towards a patch to success.
  • Red horses, especially when they are in a race, are sign of aggression and strength. These pictures are usually used in offices to promote success.
  • White horses in motion depict a steady and smooth flow of money for businesses and households.
  • Horses near each other can strengthen personal relationships and business.
  • Horses in a group are the symbols of partnership, combined strength and family.

Best Places for Feng Shui Horses

Although the properties of Real Estate in Delhi NCR are constructed according to vastu but for getting most of the benefit from horse symbol, horses should be positioned in specific locations based on your feng shui bagua map. You can utilize a painting, sculpture, photo, or any other decor elements with a horse in it.

Here are three of the best bagua areas to utilize the horse symbol:

South: The feng shui item on the south side of your home or office assist to draw in. In classical feng shui, this is your reputation and fame area.

North: The north side of your space is your life and career path and if you put feng shui on that side, the energy of the horse will help you bring growth in your life.

Southwest: If you want to use the symbol that depicts your love and marriage area then the southwest side is the best place to choose for the portrait. Choose a decor depicting only two horses.

Horse Depictions and Placement to Avoid

Likewise all the feng shui symbols, conflicting symbolism or improper placement can leave a negative effect. Here is the guide for using horses for feng shui:-

  • Avoid placing horses in places like wood or metal, so as to prevent you from confliction with the symbol’s fire association.
  • Stay away from the horses that are incomplete or segmented as these depictions can generate a sense of confusion.
  • Face of galloping horses should not be towards a doorway or outside a building. Their energy should enter the space.

Hence, ensure when you buy ready to move flats in Delhi/NCR, you first fix a place where you want to situate feng shui and then move settling other things. Following these tips will definitely help you to use these energies effectively.

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