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Here Are The Major Highlights Of The Ghaziabad Infrastructure Development

Ghaziabad is all set to rapidly cover its journey from a developing city to a developed city. The property in Ghaziabad was already a piece of cake for the home buyers and investors, and the continuous infrastructure developments are simply adding to its charm. Right from expressways, highways, elevated road and metro, the city has come a long way to transform into a better place to live in.

Here are some of the major highlights of the city’s infrastructure development –

1. Hindon Elevated Road
The elevated road connecting Raj Nagar Extension to UP gate is one of the major reasons why people are getting attracted towards Ghaziabad property. It is built on single pier technique and cuts the travel time to Delhi to just 10 minutes.

elevated road images

2. Metro Connectivity
After Delhi and Noida, metro is finally in Ghaziabad, connecting New Bus Adda to Dilshad Garden in just 16 minutes. The metro covers eight stations, known as Shaheed Nagar, Raj Bagh, Major Mohit Sharma Rajendra Nagar, Shyam Park, Mohan Nagar, Arthala, Hindon River and Shaheed Sthal. New Bus Adda metro station

3. Grade Separator
To ease traffic close to the Meerut Crossing, a grade separator was inaugurated by the chief minister. Daily commuters used to face a lot of issues due to traffic congestion. This is why the government began the construction of this flyover to ease the traffic movement.

4. NH 24 Widening
The NH 24 widening project is currently in progress. Under this project, the highway would be widened into 14 lanes, with a view to ease traffic issues. Traffic was the major restraint or hurdle in the realty market of NH 24. This is why the government came with the solution of widening the entire lane.

NHAI-Development NH 24

5. Northern Peripheral Road
Another great infrastructure development project that will improve Ghaziabad connectivity is northern peripheral road. It is 20 km stretch between Loni and NH 24, bisecting NH 58. Hence, travel would further become very easy and smooth for the daily commuters. It is said that it would be a 4-lane road in the initial stages, and would extend to 6-lane with the increase in traffic load.

6. Link Between Elevated Road And Northern Peripheral Expressway
GDA is planning to link Northern Peripheral Expressway with the Hindon elevated road with a 5 km link road. Once it is done, the traffic congestion issues at Raj Nagar Extension would be completely removed.

This is not the end; there are more projects in the pipeline. Hence, if you are planning to purchase a home or looking for an investment option, Ghaziabad is the ideal destination.

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