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Hindon Elevated Road Will Boost Real Estate in Raj Nagar Extension Ghaziabad – Credai

Ghaziabad is, and has always been one of the top locations in NCR. Thus, the investment in the city’s micro markets was never at a declining level. Slowly with time, new markets came to the front, out of which, Raj Nagar Extension added an entirely new horizon to the real estate sector in Ghaziabad. After the foundation of this area, the status of the city and realty investments escalated by multiple times. Hence, there is no denying the fact that the area is adorned with infinite opportunities and developments in the near future. To be very specific, the developments have already started with the construction of Hindon Elevated Road.

Elevated Road: A Boon to Delhi-Ghaziabad Commuters

Way before the inauguration of the elevated road, people were very excited about leveraging the benefits of this 10.3-km stretch. Now, when it has finally got operational, the commuters from Ghaziabad to Delhi and vice versa are making their everyday travel easier. This is a signal-free bypass, which reduces the travel time to just 15 minutes, if one drives at a speed of 80 kmph. With such features, the investment in this region has considerably risen and the value of flats in Rajnagar extension is at an all time high.LandCraft-River-HeightsLooking at the growth of this area, even CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India) couldn’t resist acknowledging the benefits rendered to the home buyers. As per the President of CREDAI Ghaziabad – “The Hindon Elevated Road is a national level mega project which has added more feathers to the cap of real estate in Raj Nagar Extension. For the first time, a project of such magnitude has been carried out in India and will not only change the landscape of the region but will also act as a catalyst to the fulfillment of housing demand in the country. Developing fast paced infrastructure will allow more and more regions to be tapped for housing development, allowing affordable options for the new home buyers.”

He further adds “Raj Nagar Extension has over 50 group housing and commercial projects with almost 45 developers present in the region. Not only will the elevated road boost connectivity for Raj Nagar Extension but in turn will also garner capital appreciation of 20 – 25% in the next couple of years.”

To cut the long story short, inauguration of Hindon Elevated Road has uplifted the city’s real estate sector, and investing in the same is like diving in the pool of gold. Be it any stakeholder, Raj Nagar Extension will definitely be a boon today and in the near future to come. So, if you are looking for investment in real estate, this is the right time. No 3, 2 or 1 bhk flats in Ghaziabad would provide you with higher returns than that in Raj Nagar Extension. Get started with investment today!!

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