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How to Apply Feng Shui Decorating Rules in Apartments

Feng Shui, a popular Chinese belief, literally brings good fortune and health together and improves the flow of positive energy in your home. It teaches us about the different design elements of a home, for example, how to arrange the furniture or what kind of apartments to choose.

So, if you wish to attract a strong ‘chi’ or universal energy in your home or living spaces, you must follow apply Feng Shui decorating rules in your flats in Ghaziabad. Here is how –

  1. Be Organized And Clutter-Free

Disorganization of things and clutter are the major breeding grounds for unhappiness, stress and depression in your home. Hence, it is advised to keep your closet, drawers and other places free from clutter. It will bring bring-in better energy in your home, making you feel positive.

  1. Choose The Right Wall Color

According to Feng Shui, colors have a major impact on the moods and energy flowing in the home. Hence, one must choose wall-paint colors that are more conducive to positive energies.in a small apartment, white color can be an excellent color choice for not just warding off negative energy, but also make the living space look visually bigger. For the best color choices, use a Bagua map that shows what colors are ideal in which rooms, along with the right directions.

  1. Natural Light And Ventilation

Natural light has a huge influence on your health and well-being, according to Feng Shui. Hence, all the rooms in your home should have at least one window that allows ventilation and natural light to fall in. If you are buying a new home, ask the builders in Ghaziabad to offer you an apartment that has an airy and well lit main entrance.

  1. Perfect Furniture Arrangement

Feng Shui places a lot of emphasis on how the furniture in your home should be placed or how your home decor should be.

  1. Bedroom
  • Avoid placing a desk or electronics
  • Wall arts should promote positivity
  • Place two bedside tables for a welcoming feeling
  1. Bathroom
  • Add candles and brighten up the room as much as possible.
  • add earth element to your bathroom with plants
  • Avoid bathrobes, clothes or wet towels hanging in the bathroom
  • Fix leaking faucets
  1. Living Room
  • Fill empty places with plants, or decorative sculptures
  • Place a central element, such as a coffee table, to gather around
  • Chairs and couches should be places in a circular shape

Everybody wants a relaxing, harmonious home and Feng Shui is a leasing way to achieve that. So, before investing in a property in Ghaziabad, make sure it is Feng Shui compliant or make it compliant by using these decorating rules.

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