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Purchase Your Dream Home in Smart City Ghaziabad

It is a fact that India’s is urbanizing at an unprecedented rate and it is also estimated that about 600 million of Indians will be residing in cities by 2030. That is why the government need to get ready for offering upcoming urban population all basic living amenities in urban areas of India, especially in Delhi NCR and its nearby regions such as Ghaziabad, Noida, and Gurgaon. To do so, the government has to prepare mega plans for social and physical infrastructure. Interestingly, Ghaziabad already enjoys the tag of special real estate hub for housing and it also has become a part of Narendra Modi’s dream project “100 Smart Cities”.

Purchase Your Dream Home in Smart City Ghaziabad

Basically, the smart city concept is associated with the use of digital technology in order to make the city more efficient and to improve the level of wellbeing. But, smart cities in India will attract investments. The concept is related to formation of a city that works well, especially for businesses. “Smart Cities are those that are able to attract investments and experts & professionals. Good quality infrastructure, simple and transparent online business and public services processes that make it easy to practice one’s profession or to establish an enterprise and run it efficiently without any bureaucratic hassles are essential features of a citizen centric and investor-friendly smart city,” according to a note from the ministry of urban development’s concept.

The term ‘smart city’ covers a vision of an urban region that is eco-friendly, technologically- integrated and meticulously-planned, keeping a particular reliance on the use of information technology in order to improve efficiency. The basic definition of the smart city states that it is a city that is well-equipped with basic infrastructure in order to offer all residents a decent quality of life and a clean and sustainable environment through the proper use of smart solutions. A ‘smart city’ is an urban region that is highly advanced in terms of the following: Overall infrastructure, sustainable real estate, communications, and market viability.

As Ghaziabad has been included in the list of 100 smart cities of India, the industrial city is slated to get the following:

  • Assured water and electricity supply.
  • Sanitation and solid waste management.
  • Efficient urban mobility and public transport.
  • Robust IT connectivity.
  • e-governance and citizen participation.
  • Safety and security of citizens.

All these basics will definitely change the face of Ghaziabad and will offer home buyers a better opportunity to have their dream home in smart city Ghaziabad.  The industrial town already has a better infrastructure and various residential clusters, such as NH-24, Raj Nagar Extension. That is why the real estate is going to change the scenario of housing market in an effective manner.

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