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Ready to Buy a Flat? Consider These 5 Things First

Real estate is a lucrative asset to invest in. Amidst a variety of investment options available in the market, real estate clearly outruns all, as it not just diversifies your investment portfolio, but also commits better returns today and tomorrow. So, if you have finally decided to buy ready to move flats in Ghaziabad, kudos to your choice.

But, wait..!! Here are some important things that you need to consider before buying a flat for your family. Do keep the following points in mind as they will help you make the right decision.

1. Enquire About the Land

Make a list of all the potential choices that fit well in your budget and enquire about their land. This implies that you must check whether or not the land is free from any legal issues or have attained required permission from the government for building flats. Your flat will be considered an illegal construction, in case it lacks government permission and approvals. So, beware.

2. Total Cost of Ownership


We believe that you are completely financially backed-up when you finally make up your mind for purchasing a property in Ghaziabad. But do you think that the cost of the property is the total cost of ownership? No. You need to have extra funds on your side, as the total cost of ownership includes parking charges, registration charges, stamp duty, new furniture that you’ll have to buy etc. So, analyze the total cost first and then choose the right property.

3. Total Cost Of Running Your Home


The costs related to maintenance, property tax and commuting may vary when you shift to a new place. Hence, you must analyze all such factors and then pick the right choice. As far as possible, do look for a property that is located at a strategic place, offering close proximity to all amenities and facilities.

4. Read The Builder-Buyer Agreementbuilder-buyer-agreement

A builder-buyer agreement is often in the favour of the builders in Ghaziabad. Although they do not violate the rights of the buyers, yet it is very important to check and read all the clauses in the agreement very carefully.

5. Upcoming Infrastructure

There is no point in investing in a place that offers no or very minimal returns on investment. Hence, it is always ideal to invest in a place that has a complete list of promising infrastructural developments in the future. This will boost the value of your property and increase ROI.

Simply deciding to buy a flat is not enough; you need to be aware of every little aspect that makes a particular property the right fit for you.


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