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Top 10 Tips To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer 2019 has finally arrived and its time to try out some cool activities to enjoy the beautiful sun. But, don’t forget that apart from bringing a bright cheerful day, summers are also related to the scorching sun that often becomes the major reason for suntan, dehydration, sweating and skin irritation.

So, this summer, do not let the scorching sun hamper your summer-fun. Listed below are some cool tips to beat the heat –

1. Bath Twice Or Thrice


Summers are often unbearable due to scorching heat outside. Hence, you must bathe frequently to keep your body energized and protected against prickles.

2. Sunscreen

Always apply sunscreen all over your body atleast 15 minutes before leaving your home. Specifically, if you are living in flats in NH24 Ghaziabad, do apply sunscreen as the temperature in Ghaziabad is very hot and widening of NH 24 is in its full swing. So, an SPF lotion will protect you against UV rays and dirt/pollution entering your body.

3. Say No To Caffeine

Avoid drinking tea or coffee in summers as they lead to dehydration. Instead, drink lots and lots of water or any other cool drinks.

4. Avoid Going Out

As the temperature reaches its maximum limit during the day time, avoid going out in the afternoon when the sun is blazing like fire.

5. Look For a Property

When we get busy in something exciting, we forget about the heat or temperature. So, nothing can be better than looking for a property in Ghaziabad. While you do so, look for a home where you get only the ‘healthy’ morning sunlight so that your home remains cool during the day.

6. Exercise

Summers should not put an end to your exercise schedule. You can just make some changes in your regime by exercising indoors or avoid very strenuous exercises. You can even try surfing, swimming etc.

7. Eat Cool

Apart from cool drinks, you must consume foods that are cool for the internal systems. Such foods include fresh veggies, summer fruits and astringent foods.

8. Meditate


Meditation is a remedy for everything, even for staying cool in summers. Basically, meditation cools your mind, which in turn, helps you breathe better, relax and have fun.

9. Get a Haircut

One of the easiest ways to beat the heat without actually doing nothing is to get a haircut. Cut your hairs short up till your neck so that you do not feel that itchy feeling on your neck and back.

10. Use Cucumber

Cut two slices of chilled cucumber and put them on your eyes. It will soothe your eyes, reduce puffiness and dark circles and lower your body temperature.

With these simple tips, you can enjoy summer season to its best. The scorching sun won’t be scorching anymore.

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