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Vastu Shastra tips for buying new home

Whenever you buy a new home, following Vastu Shastra tips plays a vital role for bringing happiness and success throughout your life.

Are you looking forward to buy home in Ghaziabad? If you are nodding your head for yes, you need to consider all the important aspects that actually matters. Some people are of the opinion that if the Vastu of the house is wrong, many unpleasant things may occur with family members.

There are some of the important vastu shastra tips to be followed while buying a new home in Ghaziabad such as:

  • Never book a new flat or shift to new house on Tuesday or Saturday because they are considered unlucky
  • It’s better to avoid flats constructed in the North East or South West corners
  • Make sure that the drainage system is in the North, North West or West direction
  • However, if the flat has a balcony, it’s slope should be towards North or East direction
  • When there is a room on the terrace of the flat, it should be on the South West corner
  • According to Vastu, it would be advisable to use light colors on your walls like Cream, white, yellow, blue and Green for positivity
  • Flats in balconies in the East and North are considered the most
  • Never go for flats with balconies to the South
  • One must buy flats with rectangular or square shape
  • Vastu says that buying flats that has kitchen and toilets in the North East needs to be avoided during purchase
  • Windows of the flat should be in the North or East directions
  • While buying flats in Ghaziabad, see to it that dark colors like black and grey are not used to avoid negativity
  • Room that is in the East or North West should be considered as the drawing room

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